RADIOLOGY SEMINAR – Essential cases with world-renowned Chiropractic Radiologist (DACBR) – Nov. ed.

    November 12, 2018
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Choose the right option if you are a Chiropractic Student, Recent Graduate or Doctor in Chiropractic

A sequential, user-friendly protocol for radiographic analysis. This is combined with a review of conventional terminology used to describe radiographic findings. The protocol is then applied to a variety of selected cases in an inviting rounds format, with discussion encouraged. Relevant differential diagnoses are discussed. Finally, the components and composition of a radiological report as a legal document and part of the patient file will be presented.

* Hour 1: logical approach to plain film radiographic interpretation
** Hours 2 and 3: radiology clinical rounds: applying the principles used in the first hour to a wide variety of case presentations (with audience participation encouraged).
the composition of the radiographic report

1. familiarity with accepted conventional terminology used in describing radiographic findings
2. have a greater understanding of a logical, sequential approach to radiographic analysis
3. have an increased ability to apply the CATBITES categories of osteopathology when deriving a differential diagnosis
4. have an increased aptitude for the components of a proper radiological report

3 CE credits with AEQ