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Fundació Privada Quiropràctica (FPQ)

Developing inspired healthcare leaders, advocates and providers

Promoting chiropractic to transform people’s quality of life

The Fundació Privada Quiropràctica works tirelessly to promote chiropractic outreach activities, through a mission, vision and clear objectives that increase the social and scientific knowledge of chiropractic professionals.

Our mission

To deliver a programme of study in chiropractic that leads to the graduation of compassionate bilingual chiropractors committed to the pursuit of personal development and professional excellence, and capable of integrating the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic in providing high quality cost-effective chiropractic care.

Our vision

Human beings and society as a whole developing sustainably through the cultivation and enrichment of the human body, mind and spirit.

Our Values





Board of Governors membership

The Board of Governors is the governing body and representative figures of the foundation, fulfilling the foundational purposes and administer the assets and rights diligently that make up the institution’s legacy. Currently, it is organized by members of president, secretary and vocals.

Board of Governors

  • President: Boyce Kinnison
  • Secretary: Scott Corsi
  • Vocals:
  • Damian Roman
  • Bernard Moxham
  • Melisa Sanford
  • Marcus Kuhlman

Help us in our mission

Getting the best scientific and social recognition from chiropractic professionals is not easy, it is necessary we all become part of this mission. Like any project, the FPQ needs contribution to continue training professionals, disseminating and consolidating chiropractic in society. We appreciate the interest and support you can give us.

Join us!

Our committment

Transparency portal

Check our transparency portal, know all the information about our institution.